New Patients


Please print and fill out “Patient medical history,” and bring it to your appointment. This form is intended to help us gather your health history, along with your habits. Please also print and fill out “Consent for Treatment.”

Please let us know if you aren’t able to print these forms and complete them in advance; we will be happy to mail them to you!

You’ll notice that the patient medical history is comprised of several pages. That’s because we’re interested in obtaining a thorough picture of your health; this includes both your past and current health history.

Symptoms that may seem unrelated to your primary concern could be significant because acupuncture considers the body as a whole that is integrated by a system of channels known as meridians. For example, the same meridian that is on the foot also connects to the hip and the head. In this way, symptoms like foot pain and digestive problems could be related to the same source of disharmony.

We look forward to working together!