Gratitude = the New Guilt… But You Don’t Have to Buy It.

#Gratitude has acquired a hashtag. People are worrying if they’re #gratituding enough, if they’re doing it right. Honoring beauty can take practice, and so it deserves your patience and self-kindness. Which is, I think, the actual point of any practice.

My briefcase is like acupuncture

I hate to brag. I really do. It makes me uncomfortable and hot around the collar… and various other regions. So it’s not braggadocio – but just good, old-fashioned, unbiased reporting – when I tell you that my briefcase unites people, and is a metaphor for life and healing.

Do I have to believe in acupuncture for it to work?

Belief is not required in order for the needles to do their work. You don’t have to know what qi is, or that your gallbladder has acupuncture points on your foot. Many people who have experienced great relief initially came to us feeling either very skeptical or completely unsure of the process.