Here’s a real question: How are you?

No, really. How are you? Maybe you aren’t sure anymore.

Of all the rote, automatic questions you ask and are asked – without expecting a real answer – how are you? can be the most mindless. You know the answer, right?

It’s bland. It’s inoffensive. It’s a version of  Fine, thanks. How are you?

But when you get (or give) a different answer to that question than the prescribed one, aren’t you a bit relieved?

We are. That’s why we’ve created the Lantern Project – to bring classical acupuncture, herbalism, and qi gong to modern life.

You believe in endless possibilities, and that life is more than acquiring the Next Big Thing or hurtling over hurdles in a blur.

You know that the status quo is overrated and underperformative. You know underperformative isn’t a word, and you don’t care. We like that about you.

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