Mary McKinley, oil on canvas
by Mary McKinley, oil on canvas

Wait a minute, you might be saying to yourself. I thought we were talking about acupuncture and healing. What does writing have to do with anything?

Fair question. And the answer is kind of a lot, really. If we pause to look, we find that the written word possesses a clarifying, healing power.

Writing awakens something powerful inside of us – sympathy, revulsion, awareness, trust, fear, resentment, passion…

Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, my professional background was in writing, editing, and marketing. I’ve been a writer all my life, because a writer is a kind of person. (I don’t agree with people who say that a writer is only a writer if she’s writing. That’s like saying a woman is only a woman if she has children. No.)

Practicing acupuncture has helped further shape my professional writing. Now that I’ve been in the entrepreneurial world, my  writing, editing, and marketing services are client-focused. They are rooted in developing and communicating clarity of messaging. This means translating your message into something people want to read.

Ultimately, it means helping your clients and customers recognize themselves in the marketing and messaging you’re sending out into the world. This results in the right people finding you!

My clients are passionate, talented entrepreneurs with a strong sense of purpose. I love working together to clarify their needs before crafting just the right words that fit those needs.

“Creative, inspired, motivated, clear, concise, eloquent, organized, and efficient all describe MB. But I can sum up the experience of working with her in a word: lovely!”
– Sally Robinson, Owner White Pine Acupuncture

“Mary Beth is smart, intuitive, and a LOT of fun to work with! Tasks that felt really challenging and awfully tedious to tackle on my own have, with her support, given me new energy and focus around taking my business to its next level.”

– Hilary Drake, Owner Thrive Yoga Therapy

“Mary Beth is refreshing to work with. She has interesting, out-of-the-ordinary ideas that spark genuine creativity. Her intuition is spot-on… she just gets it!”

– Mary McKinley, Founder Mary Mack Art

Scully Huwe Writing Testimonial

“MB did a fantastic job with the content for the site we collaborated on together. Thanks to her work, it was one of those few sites whose content was actually ready for a “Go-Live.” The content was better than excellent, and I’m excited to work together on future projects. Her understanding of how to help copy and design enhance each other is rare and valuable!”

– Patrick Scully, Lead Shepherd The Web Shepherds


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